How we got started:

My dad was a University professor for 40 years and much of his research involved the manipulation of large financial databases. His PhD is in finance and statistics. When I was little, he "helped" me build a computer video game from first principles, just to learn how gaming works.

Flash forward ten years and dad got involved building a portal through which datafiles could be uploaded and processed for diagnostic testing. He explained that the coding and analytics were no different whether the data came from Chase Bank's investment portfolios (a former client of his) or an equipment monitor taking readings of the equipment status.

As a student at SMU, I helped build a reporting system for the National Center of Arts Research (NCAR), in which member arts organizations could report data and receive comparative statistics placing them within their peer group. We later contributed that code to NCAR where they have refined it and made it their own. But I was hooked.

Along came an opportunity to build a performance measurement system for a new type of industrial battery monitor. The system uploads a data file from the monitor, sends it to a website and creates a set of performance reports. This system saves an incredible amount of time and labor for technicians who now use our system rather than the old-school methods of reading hydrometers and preforming mechanical load tests. Dad built the prototype of the system and I came on board to outfit dedicated tablets for access to the system and to help advance the website capabilities as it matures.

At this point, our organization consists of myself, my dad and his sister, who holds a PhD from Michigan and has a lot of experience in building websites. So... at least one of us is hungry for new business applications for what we can do. Got an idea? email me at admin@linchpinprogramming.com. I hope to hear from you. No job is too small to discuss. As I said, one of us is hungry. :)

Don't let the varnished exterior of my dad and aunt fool you. These two can really tear it up once they get interested in something fun. After all, they're retired professors with lots of time and curiosity still left in the tanks.

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