Want to have some fun? Upload your own "csv" file and we'll produce an instantaneous report.

Please limit yourself to these criteria:

  1. The first row contains names separated by commas.
  2. There must be fewer than ten columns.
  3. The next rows contain numerical "observations."
  4. The fun file must have fewer than 100 rows of data.

CSV files can be created in notepad or excel, saved in csv (text) format (that is, strings of letters or numbers separated by commas, saved with .csv filetype).

The processor returns a tiny report summarizing your upload.

Imagine what you could do with this capability coupled with proprietary analytics?

Select your csv file

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If you're skeptical, download an example tutorial covering one of our sites: Tutorial.

Incidentally, Linchpin also builds custom Android apps that provide data analytics in situ, without wifi-dependence.

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